Jango is a preacher of laughter, spreading his gospel far and wide across the continents like a missionary serving the gods of humor and frenzy.
He transcends the boundaries of laughter and manages to deliver to any public, regardless of the language they speak.

Why? Because imagination needs no visa.

Jango is way more than a simple clown that knows (better than anyone in the world) how to crush beer cans on his head or how to sprinkle his audience with eggs and party props.He’s one of the most generous artists in his generation, an artist who dedicated his entire career to the well-being of others.

He goes to children in hospitals and puts a smile on their faces. He can make royals, movie stars (Catherine Deneuve, Pierre Richard etc.), rockers (Bono from U2, the Rolling Stones etc.) and famous directors (Francis Ford Coppola, Fellini etc.) laugh like there’s no tomorrow… Nobody can resist him! King of entertainers and sometimes entertainer of kings (even the Queen of the Netherlands is a huge fan), Jango does a great impression of the greatest impressionist yet: painter Salvador Dali.
However, all these stars that burst through the doors each time Jango appears on stage didn’t make him lose sight of his main objective: making people laugh!

Jango Edwards is the Gandhi of showmen, the Iggy Pop of cracking people up, a guru that has been mastering the scenic art for several decades within the famous “Nouveau Clown Institute”, a training center which brings together the best entertainers on the planet.

He was a pastor for the Church of Grin for ten years and he also created the “Festival of Fools”, an event that, starting from 1975 to 1984, was like the world congress of clowns and produce countless shows such as the Ultima Recital by Marianne James, Nina Hagen, Patrick Timsit and countless other world-renowned stars.

After settling down for a bit in Barcelona (Spain), the superclown has prepared a whole new show in-between siestas.

Now, Jango Edwards finally returns to France with his newest show:


15 years have passed since the first time the man known as “le Coluche américain” (the American Coluche) performed in France,

15 years of us being jealous of the Spanish, the South Americans and the Germans for monopolizing him.

Now, it’s time to let your imagination run wild as the planet becomes a giant open-air asylum and allow Dr. Jango to prescribe you a cure of rejuvenating laughter!