Who could believe that the most famous world-wide clown, Jango Edwards, would have endorsed one of the great quotes of Mother Teresa ?

Nevertherless, from the beginning of his career, the Godfather of Clowns put at the heart of his art the transmission and the search for harmony and happiness.

Through his experiences and searches on the letting go of emotions and the surpassing of oneself, Jango developed numerous techniques that he shares within masterclasses or workshops dedicated to professionals (actors, clowns), to companies during private classes but also available to all !!!

For men and women interested in their personal development, Jango is going to help to make them express the optimists hiding in themselves. These optimists who see the opportunity of outperforming in front of every difficulty which appears while the pessimists notice only the difficulty in every opportunity ! All these workshops have a common base, the search for well-being, a happy lifestyle and most of all to cheer you up!

If Jango Edwards will offer to professional artists a thematic masterclass conceived to find the clown within themselves and to understand and to improve the art of comedy, games and sketches (he has directed Slava Polunin, Nina Hagen, Les Nuls, Vanessa Redgrave and Grace Jones in the past). He also works with most large companies (Apple Computer, Hard Rock Café, Sony, IBM, etc.) for masterclass « Team Spirit ». Uninhibited workshops allow him to answer in particular the problems of harmony at work by personal development.

Jango uses his experience and all the techniques that he has created during his career to offer a platform of development to all and to each (public speaking, the art to improvize in any situation, the positive thoughts, etc.).

An unique experience, truly emancipating, from which you will not emerge unscathed !

« Don’t let anyone come to you and leave without being happier »

Jango Edwards leads his masterclass and workshops worldwide (Spain, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, France, Israël, Germany, Russia, etc.).

To refer to the schedule of the next available workshops either contact us to organize a masterclass at your home or within your company :